Winners and Losers: Part 22 - Melchizedek: The Foreign Priest-King Who Loved God

Kathy's Sunday School Lessons - Written for Young Boys and Girls by Kathryn Capoccia

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Melchizedek is mentioned three times in the Bible but all three concern the same incident told first in Genesis chapter fourteen. There Abram encountered him as he was returning to Mamre (Hebron, 22 mi. S. of Salem) from rescuing Lot and his family from the four kings of Asia Minor at a place north of Damascus. They met in the Valley of Shaveh, 2 stadia from Salem (GEN 14:17; Absalom would later erect a monument to himself in this valley, possibly the Kidron Valley: 2SA 18:18). Abram had already been chosen by God to go to Canaan and become “a great nation” through which “all peoples on earth will be blessed…” (GEN 12:2,3). God planned to use Abram and his descendants, the Jews, as a special channel to lead men to faith in the true God but there existed other true believers in this era: Abimelech of Gerar (GEN 20) had a relationship with God and in this account Melchizedek has a very close relationship with God.

I. Who Was He? GEN14:18-20; PSA 110:4; HEB 5:4-11; 6:20-7:28.


A. What does his name mean? It means ________________________________ (HEB 7:2).


B. Where and when did he live?


1. He lived in the city of________, which means ________ (HEB 7:2): this has been identified as __________________  because it is where ________ is (PSA 76:2; 102:21). He lived in the country of ___________ (GEN 14:17; 12:5).


2. He lived at the time of what patriarch? ________________ (GEN 14:18; HEB 7:1).


C. What was his occupation? He was ________ of _________, and was ________ of ______ ______ _______ (HEB 7:1).


D. Who were his family members? Scripture says he was without________ and _______, without ____________, without ______________________________, and that he _________ _ ________ ____________ (HEB 7:3).


 Does this mean that he is immortal? Give a Scriptural reason for why or why not;________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (see HEB 9:27; PSA 90:10).      

II. What Did He Do?


            A. He was king of Salem


1. He was “_______ of __________________” and “_______ of _______” (HEB 7:2).


2. His kingdom was the city of ________ (HEB 7:1).


                        3. His subjects were __________________ (GEN 10:16; 2SA 5:6).


B. He was a priest of God Most High


                        1. He served God as priest


a. What does “the order of Melchizedek” (PSA 110:4)mean? It means a priesthood not descended from _________ , yet, still a true priest (HEB 7:5).


b. Why this tribe mentioned in Hebrews?  Because the  ____ said that only this tribe could serve as priests (HEB 7:11; DEU 10:8; 21:5).


c. Where was Levi when Melchizedek met Abram? He was in ___ _____ __ ___ _________ (HEB 6:10).


d. On what basis was Melchizedek a priest of God? Not on the basis __ _ ______________ (HEB 7:16) but because he was __________ to it (HEB 5:4).


2. In appreciation of Abram’s victory he brought what two things out to the exhausted warriors? _________ and _________ (GEN 14:18).


3. He received ___________ from Abraham (GEN 14:20; HEB 7:5).


a. Why? Abram was worshipping God and acknowledging Melchizedek as God’s ___________.


b. Why is this significant? Because it showed that Melchizedek had an office that came directly from _____ and went beyond the _____.


                        4. He _________ Abraham (GEN 14:19; HEB 7:6).


            C. He was a “type” of Christ


1. Why is Jesus a priest like Melchizedek?


a.  Because Jesus is from the tribe of ________ (HEB 7:14), not Levi, and Melchizedek was not descended from Levi, yet both were great priests of God.


b. Because He is without  “__________________ __ _____ __ ______ __ ________” (HEB 7:3).


c. Because He “______________ _ ________ ____________” (HEB 7:3).  


d. Because He became a priest based on “ ____ ____________ __ __ ____________________ _______” (HEB 7:15).


e. Because He was ___________ to it (HEB 5:4).


 2. What do Melchizedek and Jesus Christ have in common?


            a. Both were _________ (HEB 7:4; 1TI 2:5).


            b. Both were ______-_________ (GEN 14:18; ZEC 6:12,13).


c. Both were called “________ of ___________” and “ ________ of  _________” (ISA 11:5-9; HEB 7:2).


III. What Can We Learn from Him?

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