Tony Capoccia


There are those in our society today that attempt to defend the rights of the unborn child by practicing civil disobedience. These Pro-Lifers claim to be Christians carrying out the will of God. However, many of their actions and words seem to be in direct conflict with the Word of God. The Bible is very clear on the subject when it proclaims, "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authorities is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment upon themselves" (Romans 13:1-2 NIV).

As Christians we must obey the "Laws of the Land." Ours is NOT a Christian nation, it never was and never will be. We can expect that it will pass laws in keeping with the wishes of the majority of the people who are unsaved. We have laws that make pornography, gambling, drinking, homosexuality, and abortion legal. These are valid "laws" of the land and anyone who would want to change these laws must also stay within the law. For example, it is legal in this country to demonstrate against certain practices and laws. However, one must be sure to follow the prescribed "laws of demonstration."

We as Christians have no right to "break" the law in order to protest against the law. In fact, we are only authorized to disregard man's law when it requires that "WE" must break God's Law. For example, if a country would pass a law stating that families could not have more that two children and if any woman was "caught" pregnant with a third child then she must have an abortion, then as Christians, we can disobey that law (Acts 4:18- 20). But when we disobey this man made law, then we can fully expect to pay the consequences. If man said it was illegal to share the Gospel of Christ in this country, then as Christians we must violate that decree and "spread the Good News," but we must be prepared to go to prison for "breaking the law," as the Apostles themselves did.

The current law regarding abortion is wicked but legal. It does not require anyone to have an abortion, but only protects the right of the woman (at the expense of the child's rights) to have an abortion if she wants to. Christians have no right to break the law in trying to stop the abortions. They must "stay within the law" while demonstrating their protests.

Here is what I believe are some of the causes of the illegal protests:

1. Most of the demonstrators are not Christians.

This is evident in the very fact that they are lawbreakers. Notice how much of the protests lack the element of Love. God says that we must speak the truth in Love. What a poor testimony of Christianity when protesters scream hateful remarks to the doctors, nurses and patients involved in the abortions.  Many, if not most of the protesters, would probably claim that they are Christians, but are in reality from the Christian Cult variety, i.e., Catholics, Mormons, JWs, Christian Science, etc. They are blind to the real truths of God's Word and are being used by the evil one to bring disrespect to true Christianity.

2. Some of the protesters are truly Christians who are simply committing sin.

They have not been taught what obedience to the authorities is all about. For example, most Christians today do not consider willfully "driving over the speed limit" as disobedience to authority and therefore sin. They see the 55 mph signs and go 60 or 63 because they know they can "get away" with it. This is basically the same sin as illegal protests. I have been in many Evangelical Churches that actually joke about speeding or laugh when someone "gets a ticket."


What should a Christian do about the sin of abortion?

1. Pray for the doctors, nurses, mother and father of the unborn child, and any one else involved in the abortion decision and process.  Pray that they would become convicted of the sin of murder--the murdering of an innocent child within the God designed safety and security of their mother's womb.  Pray that they would all beg for mercy and forgiveness from Christ and find His forgiveness and eternal life in Him.  Pray that if they refuse to repent of their sins of murder and bow the knee before the Lord Jesus Christ, that they would truly "...be tormented by the guilt of murder [and] will be a fugitive till death..." [Proverbs 28:17]

2. If you must protest publicly then do it legally and in love. Get a permit for a demonstration and be sure all signs and statements are in perfect Christian love. Be sure to avoid including the non-Christian in your "group" for they do not have the Spirit of God within them to guide and control their actions.

God tells His children to do everything without arguing and complaining, and I believe that applies to the subject at hand. We must be sure that our society will not see Christians as those who want to argue and complain about the government, but rather as loving, concerned Americans who care very deeply about the life of the unborn child, and the spiritual lives of the doctors, nurses, and the parents of the aborted children. God will honor us when we honor Him.