Few There Be That Find It


 Jonathan Edwards


"Few there be that find it." -- Matthew 7:14

Not dated. From Grosartís ďUnpublished Writings.Ē It will be observed from the facsimile that this Sketch of a Sermon is written on the leaf of a letter. Very many of Edwardsís MSS. are thus written on all manner of kinds and scraps of paper.

Doctrine. íTis a hard thing to find the right way to Heaven.


I.          There is a way to Heaven.

God has opened a door.

II.         There is but one right way.

III.       íTis a hard thing to find this one right way.

Appears:            In that there are so few that find the way.

Though all have so much need to find.

Though so many desire to find and seek after it.

Though so many think they have found.

................so many are mistaken.

That many of those that do find it, first take a great deal of pains.

Some for a long time.

Many prayers.

Many difficulties.

Reason: Negatively, not that God hasnít has not called us.

 ď ď very plain in itself.



Many wrong ways.

Like traveling through a great wilderness.

Full of difficulties...dangers....

But one right way.

A narrow way.

Many wrong ways.

Mention some of the wrong ways.

Do right in some things only.

Outward Religion only.

Affections that go away.

Religious out of regard to men.

Religious only out of fear of hell.

........from self-love.

Donít love God for Himself.

Trust in their own righteousness.

Depend on the good opinion of others.

Apt to think themselves convicted when they are not.

High pride: apt to think well of themselves.

A little good looks great.

Donít see what is bad.

How many things men often think are Conversion.

2. Menís own lust blinds íem.

The way is good and plain.

Right way is what men donít like.


Contrary to all their lusts.

..... to their pride.

..... to their worldliness.

................. sensuality.

................. slothfulness.

Enmity against God.

Wrong ways are




3. Devils.

Blind them and deceive them.

4. Things of this world blind íem.

5. Wicked men implead (?) íem.



What a great mercy to have the Word of God.

Mercy that God has appointed ministers.

Great need of Prayer ó

Never without Godís help.

Donít trust... v. 22...

What need of Godís power and striving.



Pray earnestly.

Not trust.....[As above, v. 22.]

Take advice.

Begin soon.

Hold on and hold out.

Donít take hope too soon.

In every thing follow the Word of God.

You need to be much concerned.

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